Sophisticated Support for The Human Condition

Sophisticated Support for The Human ConditionSophisticated Support for The Human ConditionSophisticated Support for The Human Condition

Sophisticated Support for The Human Condition

Sophisticated Support for The Human ConditionSophisticated Support for The Human ConditionSophisticated Support for The Human Condition

In Response to COVID-19

Why do we experience anxiety as a response to the unknown? How do your survival instincts complicate your ability to problem solve? How can we access our creativity when we need it most? 

What is the solution to the human condition? There isn’t one. The human condition doesn’t change, but how you work with it can change. A talk on the psychology of coping in a crisis.

Remaining Whole in Complexity

The Story

Support for people committed to remaining whole in complex world.

Despair is different than depression- something that you intuitively know. Depression is a clinical diagnosis often associated with a chemical imbalance. Despair is an imbalance of purpose and meaning, rooted in existential fears, and a normal (albeit uncomfortable) human experience. It is the language of oppression. We feel despair when we lose access to the essence of what it means to be human. Feeling despair is not the sharp pang of being suicidal. It is the pervasive longing to disappear... fade away. It is the pain of days that just keep coming. Highly accomplished and mentally healthy people often live with underlying despair. This is why despair often includes frustration over the injustice of life. It is, essentially, the anxiety that comes from an inability to be oneself in a strange (and beautiful) world. 

Despair is not treatable by medication, but there are ways to support your process of integrating the wisdom that comes from addressing underlying despair. You are not alone. I have committed my practice to supporting people like you in finding your way with despair. I use techniques proven to help people navigate the pain of despair while accessing their true selves and redesigning their lives to reflect their wisdom and strength. This is sophisticated work and it is the most natural thing. We, as a species, are designed to make beauty out of suffering. It is our particularly human ability. 

I understand if you cannot feel the truth of this from where you are right now, but despair is the primal call to heal. It is the soul’s demand to be heard. It is a dark, moonlit path back to your true self. You do not have to walk this path alone. I invite you to schedule a consultation. 


Therapeutic Process

Human life begins on the far side of despair. -Sartre

Dr. Cole Struhar

In this online world of self-proclaimed experts, it can be difficult to discern actual expertise. I spent twenty-years developing myself to be exceptional at facilitating personal integration. This is not internet illusion.


Humanist Chaplain Endorsement

PhD International Psychology

MA Counseling Psychology

BA International Relations

Ombudsman Certification

Addiction TX Certification


500-Hour Certification: Yoga Alliance, Goa India.

Certification: Traditional Japanese lineage of Jikiden Reiki

Certification: Ling Gui lineage of medical qigong

15-Month formation as a Daoist Monk in the American DragonGate Lineage

4-Units of Interfaith Clinical Pastoral Education


I live and work in many different countries/cultures, travel extensively, study under diverse spiritual/religious leaders, and participate in artist residencies. I am certified in well established lineages to teach yoga, meditation, qigong, and reiki. I moonlight as a hospice chaplain and officiate interreligious memorial services. 


Specialty training in grief, addiction treatment, trauma recovery, spirituality in mental health, stages of change, international psychology, cross-cultural psychology, resiliency, conflict mediation, and orgs & systems. 

My Promise

If you trust me with the reality of your suffering, and work with me to access your essential nature, then I will give you the best that I have to support you in getting free. I am unusually confidential and my work is my life’s passion. 

The Details



$75-$135 per 50-minute session.

$195 per 90-minute one-time coaching session

I do not accept insurance. 


Online/Telehealth. I provide HIPPA compliant online coaching from my office using SimplePractice Telehealth software. I favor the intimacy, accessibility, and flexibility of online coaching. The photograph is a great example of what you will see during our sessions. 

How long does coaching last?

A lot can happen in an intensive 90-minute session. If you are in a bad spot and not ready to commit to ongoing support, then I invite you to request a 90-minute targeted coaching session. 

Integrative healing, of course, takes more time. The goals for integrative health include: deep insight, integration, and lifestyle results. The amount of time greatly depends on you. Are you familiar with insight work? How committed are you to exploring new ways of being? How comfortable are you with the process of change? 

You will set the pace of your coaching. I recommend 6-9 months of bimonthly sessions for deep insight, new skill development, and lifestyle changes. That said, you are the expert of you. You can end coaching at any time, and you decide the goals and pace of your support plan. 

Depression or despair?

Depression and despair can coexist, but they are different. Depression is a diagnosable medical psychiatric condition that is treatable, in part, by medication. Despair is not a medical condition. It is not even associated with particular feelings. In fact, highly accomplished and mentally healthy people often live with underlying despair. It is a normal human experience rooted in existential fears. Despair is often cyclical, with each cycle rooting more deeply in one’s beliefs about the world and their place in it- or lack there of. It is normal to focus on accomplishments and performing as a strategy of avoidance. People often seek support for despair once they reach their goals and find meaninglessness instead of fulfillment. You do not have to wait that long to get help. 

If you are being treated for a mental health condition like depression, complex grief/trauma, or a chronic/terminal illness, I can work with your healthcare team to integrate your despair coaching into your overall treatment plan. 

Coaching or Counseling?

I have a master’s in counseling psychology and worked as a therapist for many years. As a therapist I focused on insight and psychological integration. Coaching includes insight work, with a focus on skill-building and direct support in reaching your life goals. I chose to work as a coach because it allows for the best of both worlds. I work with despair as a normal and adaptive experience of the human condition, not a mental health diagnosis. If you believe that you need a mental health assessment, diagnosis, and medical treatment, then counseling will better meet your needs. If you want assistance in deciding on the best support for your needs, I invite you to schedule a consultation. Support consultations cost $75.

As an International Psychologist I provide leadership coaching to people around the world. You can find more information about my corporate coaching services at

Do you integrate the impact of white supremacy and oppression in your work?

Yes! And I am always learning - lifting the veils of culture and my own limitations. Oppression is a cultural limitation that holds us all hostage. The field of psychology has played a horrifying role specifically in the oppression of People of Color globally. Given that, it takes great courage for a Person of Color to trust anyone associated with the field. I take this seriously. It is my professional clinical opinion that despair is a reasonable response to ongoing systemic oppression. Oppression is a social dynamic that steals life force from us all. Despair was co-opted as a tool in oppression. Addressing despair in a culture of white supremacy is a radical act of liberation for all of humanity. As a white psychologist, I participate in white identity coaching, inclusivity and equity training, and I have a rainbow of diverse & trusted colleagues that I consult with, as needed, regarding my professional offerings and personal development. 

Do you have experience working with the LGBTQ2-S Community?

Yes! The heart of my work is accessing our True Selves- our essential nature. The field of psychology has a horrific history of pathologizing resilience and strength in marginalized communities. I promise to align with you in your developed abilities to access your own essential expressions. I attend trainings on queer reproductive justice, healthcare, and clinical needs regularly. I also have a team of trusted colleagues that I consult with, as needed, regarding my clinical offerings and personal development.
Aside: My lifemate, Sally, and I are both certified interfaith celebrants committed to providing loving support to our queer community in birth, commitment ceremonies, and death. 

Can we talk?

Yes! I invite you to visit the client portal and schedule some time with me. The best way for us to know if we should work together is to connect directly. You have two choices. (1) You can schedule a complimentary phone conversation with me, or (2) you can schedule a $75 telehealth consultation. The consultation includes an assessment of your therapeutic needs and time to identify your resources and best options for support. 

Contact Information





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